The Defense of Mpundu Akwa (1905)

Mpundu Akwa was (details). As a result of his criticisms of colonial authorities, in 1905 the man previously courted by Hamburg’s elite found himself on trial for fraudulently claiming noble title. His case was taken up by the Jewish German lawyer Dr. Moses Levi (1873-1938). His argument that Akwa was himself the victim of a politically motivated campaign to distract the public from real abuses of authority by the colonial administrators won the day and carried the potential to (summarize). Although the original records of the case were lost in an air raid in 1943, Levi’s own later recollection of the case and its significance, passed down to his daughter and edited for publication by Dr. Elisa von Joeden-Forgey, shows us the building of an anticolonial network in Hamburg around the turn of the century.




Source: Elisa von Joeden-Forgey, ed., Mpundu Akwa: The Case of the Prince from Cameroon. The Newly Discovered Speech for the Defense by Dr. M. Levi (M√ľnster: Lit Verlag, XXXX)