Law for the Natives (1912)

The Law for the Protectorates (Schutzgebietsgesetz) works on the assumption that the indigenous population in the protectorates, in view of their low cultural state, is in general not yet mature enough to be placed on the same legal standing as the Europeans and further, that it is correct in view of colonial politics to preserve where possible the ancestral customs and conventional legal worldview of the Natives. Therefore, as foreseen in paragraph 4 of the Law for the Protectorates, the law introduced for the white population, as well as the standard law for the latter in the areas of civil rights, criminal law and legal action is only applicable to Natives if expressly defined through an imperial order. […] The native population of the German protectorates therefore lives under as special legal system.


From: J. von Gerstmeyer, ‘Eingeborenenrecht’, in Deutsches Koloniallexikon: Band 1, ed. Heinrich Schnee (Leipzig: Verlag von Quelle und Meyer, 1920), p.508.