The Role of the Female Colonist (1905)


‘”Where, however, a white woman can live in a tropical or sub-tropical region, there she should be offered a place that is due to her in view of our cultural and ethical outlook. This is because every woman who enters a German protectorate raises its cultural level.” These are the words of Dr. von Weichmann, the Chairman of the Dar-es-Salaam branch of the German Colonial Society, formed last year.

The white woman in the protectorates fulfils an economic role because in contrast to a coloured partner taken by a white settler, she has learnt to keep house and will not squander the year’s provisions in few weeks. She serves the aims of a higher morality because she prevents the man from becoming un¬faithful to the demands of white racial consciousness and mixing [sexually] with the indigenous broads. How painful it is to hear from white settlers that you are degenerated.

Because the ‘stomach question’ is also important for the body, it also needs to be mentioned that those settlers whose table is prepared by a white housewife regularly enjoy better health than the poor men, who are reliant on the cooking skills of a young black cook

Source: ‘Die Frau und die Kolonien’, in Deutsche Kolonialzeitung Nr.13, Jg 22 (1905), p.122.