1 Berlin-Harlem (1974)

Lothar Lambert and Wolfram Zobus’s film 1 Berlin-Harlem was one among many efforts in the 1970s to try to articulate the unique dynamics being produced by the continuing presence of African-American soldiers, the increasing numbers of Africans, and the many black Germans whose presence and experiences West Germans were reluctant to acknowledge. The film itself follows PLOT SUMMARY WITH SIGNIFICANCE AND THEMES (black milieu in West Berlin every bit as local and distinctive as other districts of the city, sexualization of black bodies; persistent anti-black racism in a variety of forms; the challenges of settling down) LIMITED DISTRIBUTION, connect to other Zeitzeugen like the texts Philipp provided…


Image and details can be drawn from here: http://www.lotharlambert.de/1-berlin-harlem.html

Nice summary and analysis also in Diallo, Zeller, Black Berlin