May Ayim, “afro-german I” (1985)

May Ayim was…..

You’re Afro-German?
… oh, I see: African and German.
An interesting mixture, huh?
You know: there are people that still think
Mulattos won’t get
as far in life
as whites

I don’t believe that.
I mean: given the same type of education…
You‘re pretty lucky you grew up here.
With German parents even. Think of that!

D’you want to go back some day, hm?
What? You’ve never been in your Dad’s home
That’s so sad… Listen, if you ask me:
A person’s origin, see, really leaves quite a
Take me, I’m from Westphalia, and I feel
that’s where I belong…

Oh boy! All the misery there is in the world!
Be glad
You didn’t stay in the bush.
You wouldn’t be where you are today!

I mean, you’re really an intelligent girl, you
If you work hard at your studies,
you can help your people in Africa, see:
What you’re predestined to do,
I’m sure they’ll listen to you,
while people like us –
there’s such a difference in cultural levels…

What do you mean, do something here? What
       On earth would you want to do here?
Okay, okay, so it’s not all sunshine and roses.
       But I think everybody should put their own
       house in order first!


Source: May Ayim, Blues in Black and White (1985), 14-15 (Translation by Ilse Müller)

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