Fighting racism in the US Army (1970)

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A day of solidarity

On September 12, 1970 Black GIs from all parts of Germany will unite in Heidelberg for a show of “SOLIDARITY” and to re-iterate the demands set forth in the “Call for Justice” on July 4th in which over 1,000 Black Soldiers participated. The reason that a call for a “DAY OF SOLIDARITY” must be held is based on a fact so clear that it requires or even demands no argumentation:


We are unsatisfied because there is Racism being practiced and sanctioned right here in the Military at all levels from Head-Pig Gen. Polk down to Racist 1st Shirts. We are unsatisfied because there is a double standard of “Military Justice”, there is a double standard of “promotion opportunities”, and we are unsatisfied with the “Nixon Investigating Committees” that have come to Europe and have failed to see the problem yet alone find a solution.

How hypocritical it is to be here in Germany, 8,000 miles from one’s birthplace and to see and hear of the Ku-Klux-Klan, who threatened your great grandparents long ago, and whom the Army claim is a “matter worth investigating”. Worth investigating! Hell it should be eliminated!

On September 7th, 1970 B.U.S. (Black United Soldiers) located in Karlsruhe held a “DAY OF SOLIDARITY”. There were close to 200 Black Soldiers gathered at Neureut Kaserne to call for a “United Front” in voicing the Racial injustices that the Black Soldiers have suffered and are now suffering at the hands of the Racist Pigs that run the military system her in Germany.

There is also a U.B.S. (Unsatisfied Black Soldiers) Movement located in Heidelberg which was born on July 4 that is dedicated to exposing acts of Racism at any levels of the Military and particularly to exposing Big-Time Pigs who feel that they are beyond exposure. U.B.S. has publicized the fact that every Black G.I. in Germany lives in danger of being “shipped-out” for speaking out against Racism and that many have been shipped-out from Kaserne to Kaserne until the pigs understand that for each and every brother that is shipped-out another will take his place and another and another and another until every black man has been to every Kaserne in Germany and is still speaking out for freedom!

To You “Fact Finding Teams”, UBS says,

“If you are not a solution – You are part of the Problem”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: A’bout Face (Heidelberg) 1:6 (12 Sep. 1970).