Soldiers fight discrimination in West Germany (1950)


“Master Race” Theory Costs German $200

FRANKFURT, Germany — (ANP)—The “master race” theory, which
is cropping up again as the Germans regain control of their country, cost a cafe manager a $200 fine in a U. S. magistrate’s court here
recently. The charge against the cafe operator was discrimination
against two Negro soldiers.

Cpls. David E. McCarthy and Muldro C. Calloway, member; of
the 24th Transportation Truck battalion which hauled every ton of
the supplies flown into Berlin during the air lift, were refused service
in the Thousands and One Nights bar last November. The bar is a
popular hangout for soldiers.

When the case came up in court. Judge Tenche Marye found Joseph
Bucher, manager, guilty of “Conduct hostile or disrespectful to the
Allied Forces” under a ‘military government ordinance’. He was ordered to pay a fine of 600 marks ($200).

Source: “‘Master Race’ Theory Costs German $200,” Memphis World (6 January 1950). Via Crossroads to Freedom.