Soldiers with German wives face prosecution in Texas (1957)



WASHINGTON — (INS) —The Army said Friday that U. S. Negro

soldiers who have white German wives are being advised that they
will face criminal prosecution if they return with their division to Texas.

The Army made the comment in response to a statement by Rep.
Charles C. Diggs, Jr., (D) Mich., who demanded that secretary Wilber N. Brucker rescind any order that would lead to detachment of
the troops.

A spokesman said he knew of no such order, but he explained
that Negroes in the second armored division at Bad Krauznach, Germany, face trouble if they take their wives when the unit shifts
to Ft. Hood, Texas this fall.

He said that Texas law provides for a two-to-five year prison term
for mixed cohabitation. He said “a number” of Negroes are involved and added that it is “up to them” whether they want to “take the chance.” Diggs, however, declared that any detachment would lead to flagrant discrimination in the assignment of troops.

He asserted: “If personal factors relating to social of community
pressures of one type or another are to influence the assignment of
members of the Armed Forces, the ultimate result could be to reinstitute through direct means even more flagrant discriminatory practices than have already, been banned in the services.”

Source: “Soldiers with German Wives Face Prosecution in Texas,” Memphis World (11 September 1957). Via Crossroads to Freedom.