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Hi all,

Although we haven’t updated you on our work in a while, we’ve nevertheless been moving along. Here are some recent additions that we’re particularly proud of.

  • Why are there pharmacies named “moor pharmacies” (Mohren-Apotheken) in Germany and Austria, and why do they use troubling racist caricatures? The issue has recently become a topic of debate thanks to protests raised in Frankfurt in January of this year. Check out our new pages mapping the Mohren-Apotheken in Germany and Austria (and add some if we’ve missed any!) and profiling the Frankfurt protests and their outcome.
  • If you don’t know the story of virtuoso violinist George Bridgetower, then check out our page on his friendship (and falling out) with Beethoven. If you’re familiar with classical music, you may know the “Kreutzer Sonata,” which was actually written for Bridgetower until  Beethoven spitefully re-named it.
  • Written by none other than Julia Alcamo, who has made this site look as great as it does, we have a new piece on saintly figures, this time exploring how a cardinal had himself painted as Saint Erasmus in an imagined meeting with Saint Maurice.
  • And finally, we are very excited to be able to profile the work of Swiss-Haitian artist Sasha Huber. Her work explores the legacies of Swiss-American scientist and notorious race theorist Louis Aggasiz, in this case through an art installation renaming the mountain Aggasizhorn after Renty, one of the black men demeaned through Aggasiz’s studies.

Check these out, and I’ll be back with more updates soon. And please send us feedback at [email protected] If you have any praise of complaints or would just like to see something addressed that we have not yet covered, we’d love to hear from you.



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