Interactive Maps

black central europe

This map of Black Central Europe produced by our students aims to render visible what has long been invisible: the history of Black people in Central Europe. Use your mouse to move around the map and click on the colorful dots to discover more about the Black person who was active there.

african-american entertainers before the jazz age

This interactive map plots the performances of African-American singers, dancers, and instrumentalists in the German lands up to the First World War. Click on the image to go directly to the map, where you can filter the results by year, zoom in and out to see which cities or regions had the most performers at different times, and find more details about the performances. Click here to learn more about the context and data, and click here for the list of abbreviations used in the map. This resource is aimed at illustrating the significant presence of African-American entertainers before the jazz age and stimulating further research.

more maps coming soon….

4 thoughts on “Interactive Maps

  1. Hello, i love your work. I’m looking for a specific photo of the moors clothing the wild men. I think it’s a tapestry just like the moores and wild men. I just cant seem to find it on your site. May you please redirect me to the page if you have that print.


    1. Hi Sina, thanks for the kind comments and I’d be happy to help you if I can. Can you give me any further details on the image you’re looking for? Does it look similar to this tapestry or entirely different? I can give you a couple of references to works that might help you locate it, but it might require access to an academic library catalogue. The main ones of use would be The Image of the Black in Western Art, which is available digitally in some uni libraries and in pieces on Google Books, and the larger collection of artworks on which it is based that is available within the ArtStor resource.

      Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] and we can continue to try to locate what you’re looking for. Also, on a purely technical question, if you could email me when you get this, it would help me know if replying like this from within WordPress actually allows me to send messages out when visitors pose questions.

      Thanks again so much for getting in touch, and I hope that you and yours are keeping safe.



  2. Wow this is a really great website. I didn’t know something like this existed. Lots of good reads. Thank you for putting the work in, and time and effort to make this available for many people!!


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