Cherno Jobatey (*1965)

Cherno Jobatey is an Afro-German journalist, entertainer, and TV producer. A well-known figure in the German media scene, Jobatey has successfully hosted and moderated numerous events that have been attended by many famous figures, including world leaders and celebrities. Drawing from his own personal experiences as a mixed-race child growing up in 1970s Germany, Jobatey has also popularized and sponsored the “School Without Racism” project, which aims to provide classrooms across Germany and other parts of Europe the opportunity to actively oppose discrimination and bullying.

Born in 1965 in West Berlin, Jobatey was the son of a Gambian cook and a German woman. His father left Germany a few years after he was born, and Jobatey had many responsibilities, including taking care of his four siblings and earning money for the family. Additionally, Jobatey had dyslexia, which initially affected his ability to perform in school. But he persevered and later, when interviewed by FAZ-Magazin, Jobatey would cite this accomplishment as one of the greatest of his life.

Despite these apparent obstacles, Jobatey earned a degree in political science at the Otto-Suhr Institute at the Free University of Berlin. During his last semester in college, he spent a semester studying music at the Musicians’ Institute Hollywood. After earning his degree, Jobatey was able to find work as a radio moderator for prominent broadcasters in Germany, quickly clinching several prominent opportunities and making a name for himself. From 1992 until 2012, Jobatey had his own talk show on the ZDF morning television program, where he was noted for being energetic and exuberant. During this period, Jobatey also worked for the broadcaster rbb, which earned him the nickname “[Germany’s] most cheerful alarm clock.” Additionally, he worked for broadcasters like RIAS and Freies Berlin. Along with these programs, Jobatey also moderated numerous events, such as the European Athletics Championships 2018, and worked as an editor for the German edition of the Huffington Post, quickly making it one of the most popular media sources in the country. In addition, Jobatey worked for other notable print media companies such as BILD, Cosmopolitan, and Die Welt.

In addition to being a prominent and successful media personality, Jobatey has also been committed to numerous charitable causes. He has worked to support numerous charities and organizations like UNICEF and SOS Children’s Village. Jobatey has also used his platform to initiate programs like “School Without Racism” in order to facilitate conversations on important issues among the youth in order to fight for inclusion and acceptance for all Germans.

– Mukund Viswanadha (University of Missouri)