Dark livelihoods (1902)

This article from a popular illustrated newspaper gives us insight into how some black residents of Berlin were making a living, and it also tells us something about the sort of cosmopolitanism associated with Berlin. As this article suggests, many wanted to believe that Berlin and European cities more generally were free of the sorts of violent prejudice that afflicted the United States. Thus the article mentions that the men profiled here are making a respectable living and have even married white women, which is taboo in America. The article implicitly praises these respectable men for confounding stereotypes, but it makes no mention of the struggles that such men as these–or women at all!–faced in Germany.

“Dunkle Existenzen. Aus dem Berufsleben der Berliner Neger”

Kaum vierzig Jahre sind verstrichen, seit der amerikanische Bürgerkrieg…

Source: Berliner illustrierte Zeitung (15 July 1902)