“One of them from Cameroon” (1891)


‘”One of them from Cameroon”! With such cries yesterday evening in north Berlin two people were harassed in a loutish manner by a group of people and street kids only because one was a different skin colour and a wore slightly different clothing. In no time thousands of people had gathered in the Brunnenstrasse. The two strangers were being roared at by a thundering flood of people, and they tried a number of times, unfortunately without success, to climb upon a horse drawn carriage in order to escape. The constable stationed on the street received backup from a lot of colleagues in order to disperse the crowd. In the meantime the strangers had fled to a door entrance. There they waited under police protection for the next horse drawn carriage for Spittelmarkt, which was accompanied by the cries of thousands of people; they climbed on as quick as possible and the driver sped away as quickly as possible, leaving behind a mass of youngsters, stretching, across the entire street, who quickly followed screaming and shouting as they did so.’

Source: ‘One of them from Cameroon’, Teltower Kreisblatt, 30 May 1891, p.2

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